Chapter 2

Friday, 10 October 2014

Past Lives continued

Yesterday I discussed the idea of Past Lives and one particular experience that I linked to a relationship I have now. Today I want to explore that further by relating some other experiences that I had a number of years ago. I'm not claiming to be anything special, nor anything better than who I am. Rather I'm exploring the ideas and seeing what comes out.

I'm sitting in a chair in Susan and Tony's house. There's a group of us, all learning together about various spiritual subjects. Tonight's subject is pathworking. Basically meditating to a given script. Being guided through the unconcious mind and visualising the unfolding story in our heads. Having already had experiences with pathworking and meditation I was looking forward to this journey.

Martin,  leading the group,  eloquently begins, "Close your eyes and take a breath... in... and ... out"

I'm slowly drawing my breath in and out, in and out as he takes us further.

"You are surrounded by a beautiful scene, cool green grass beneath your feet and a clear blue sky above your head. In front of you is a river. On the river is a boat. You climb into the boat and begin your journey".

I can see the boat and the river in front of me, then suddenly the scene changes.
I am in a dark corridor. I'm scared.
I turn a corridor and I see something illuminated on the wall. Its brightly coloured hieroglyphics. I know I have to carry on. I stumble through the darkness and turn another corner to see another highlighted scene. Then I am lost in the dark.

The scene changes and I am sitting on a boat. Its a rather splendid boat, I'm with what appears to be a man with a head of a dog. I look around. The boat glides gracefully down the river and on the banks there are people waiting. I am struck by the azure sky and almost blinding sandstone banks.
The boat pulls to a close and I am greeted off the boat by two people.

"And when your boat comes to a stop I want you to get out, take five steps, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and slowly bring your awareness back to the here and now. When you're ready open your eyes."

I slowly open my eyes and look around, regaining my sense of here and now.

"So, would anyone like to share their experiences?" Martin enquires

The majority speak of being on a lovely river in the countryside, describing it as green and lush their boats went into caves, or just along a riverbank.

I speak, with some sense of trepidation when my turn arises.

"Well, I don't think I went to the same place as you guys." I describe the scene and what happened during the meditation.

"That's very interesting, thanks for sharing."

I leave the house and ponder to myself what it might mean. I am suddenly struck with a great desire to find out more about Egypt. I start to read books connected with Egypt to find out more about it. When my now ex-husband asked where we should go on honeymoon, there was only one answer. Egypt.

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